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Trent Steidley

Trent Steidley photo

Trent Steidley

Assistant Professor
Sturm Hall 440
Phone: 303-871-2066
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areas of expertise/research interests

Criminology, sociology of law, political sociology, and social movements 

professional biography

Trent Steidley is Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Criminology at the University of Denver. His research seeks to understand how social movements, politics, and the criminal justice system interact to affect policy and criminal justice outcomes in the United States, particularly with regard to firearms. His current research specifically focuses on the determinants and consequences of concealed carry weapons laws in the United States, the determinants of police spending on military equipment, and the determinants of firearm demand in the United States.

Steidley regularly teaches the classes Guns and Society, Sociology of Law, Violence in Society, and Sociological Imagination and Inquiry, Part B.


PhD     Sociology, The Ohio State University
MA      Sociology, The Ohio State University
BA       Sociology and Political Science, Oklahoma State University


Steidley, Trent. Forthcoming "Big Guns or Big Talk? How the National Rifle Association Matters for Conceal Carry Weapons Laws." Mobilization: An International Quarterly.

Steidley, Trent and Martin T. Kosla. Forthcoming "Toward a Status Anxiety Theory of Macro-level Firearm Demand." Social Currents.

Steidley, Trent, David M. Ramey, and Emily A. Shrider. 2017. "Gun Shops as Local Institutions: Federal Firearms Licensees, Social Disorganization, and Neighborhood Violent Crime." Social Forces. doi: 10.1093/sf/sox039.

Steidley, Trent and Cynthia G. Colen. Forthcoming. "Framing the Gun Control Debate: Press Releases and Framing Strategies of the National Rifle Association and the Brady Campaign." Social Science Quarterly 98(2): 608-27. doi: 10.1111/ssqu.12323.