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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Sociology & Criminology

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Department of Sociology & Criminology

Why Sociology?

What causes delinquent and criminal behavior? Why do gender, racial, and class inequalities exist? What are the origins of the self? These are the kinds of questions sociologists and criminologists attempt to answer. For students interested in sociology or criminology, the department offers majors an understanding of human social systems as part of a liberal arts education and prepares them for graduate or professional school. The broad perspectives of sociology and criminology also provide a useful background for students planning to enter a variety of careers such as law, social work, education, non-profits, public policy, or management.

Our low student-faculty ratio allows professors to guide, counsel, and advise students according to individual needs and career goals. As well as taking an active and creative role in the classroom, our faculty are involved in exciting research projects on which undergraduate students can participate. Students may also gain valuable research experience by completing a senior thesis.

The department also offers an internship program, which is designed to give majors and minors the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in a community agency.