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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (CAHSS)


Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences


Liberal arts education is at the heart of the University of Denver. Our faculty, staff and students come together in a shared quest for knowledge of the human condition.

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Support Boards

Members of CAHSS boards and institutes create ways to improve our programs and classes, connect students to faculty lectures and salons, and ensure we offer opportunities to discover, understand and engage with various cultures.

You can join our many board members and volunteers in their activities by contacting the dean's office at 303-871-4449.

Divisional board that support all of CAHSS

AHSS Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a group of CAHSS alumni, faculty and staff who generate ideas and recommendations for faculty and administrators to improve the quality of the liberal arts community and our programs.

Boards that support individual CAHSS departments


DU ART! supports the School of Art and Art History through membership contributions and fundraising events.

Lamont Society

Each year, the Lamont Society hosts concerts for its members, who in turn help fund student music programs at our Lamont School of Music.