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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Theatre

Degree Programs


Admission & Scholarships


Applicants should follow the DU application process.
No audition or review is required for declaring a theatre major. 
However, we do offer merit-based scholarships, which requires an audition or portfolio review. 


University-wide, we offer competitive, merit-based, renewable scholarship assistance from $20,000 to $40,000 spread over four years.  The award is conditional, renewable for up to four years, and is subject to review and adjustment by the department on a quarterly basis.

All students (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior) are eligible to receive these scholarships.

You must declare and keep theatre as your major, and be in good academic standing to receive the scholarship. You may also declare a second major.

Declared majors agreeing to accept departmental scholarship awards also agree to:

  • Maintain 3.7 GPA or better in all departmental classes
  • Demonstrate leadership, reliability, core competencies, and enthusiasm in shop hours, workdays, and production/build process
  • Demonstrate regular and active engagement (at least 2 quarters per year) with related Departmental activities and opportunities, such as:
  1. Auditioning for departmental productions and student projects
  2. Pursuing production support roles such as director, assistant director, designer, assistant designer, assistant technical director, stage manager, assistant stage manager, dramaturg, assistant dramaturg, playwright, choreographer, dance captain, musical director, assistant musical director, electrics, props, run crew, front of house, marketing, publicity, etc.
  3. Contributing regularly to the vision, goals, and needs of Theatre Ensemble
  4. Attending opening night performances of all departmental productions
  5. Attending and/or participating in staged readings, guest artist workshops and performances, independent student projects, departmental open house events, prospective student visits, donor and alumni events, etc.
  • Scholarship awards for majors who fail to meet the conditions listed above are subject to reduction or elimination.
  • Scholarship awards for majors who regularly demonstrate commitment to the department well beyond the conditions listed above are subject to increase.
  • Any adjustment to a student's departmental scholarship award will be discussed with that student in advance of any change.
  • Any student whose award has been reduced may apply for full reinstatement of the original award. This will be considered once the student has demonstrated full commitment to the conditions listed above.

Merit scholarships require a performance audition or technical portfolio review (see requirements).