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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Theatre

Degree Programs



Theater minors must take at least 25-quarter hours, to include the following:

Add the brief course description (available via myWeb) beneath each course on the majors and minors page.

THEA 1861 Theatre Imagination
THEA 1862 Discovering Dramatic Literature
THEA 1863 Aesthetics in Performance
THEA 2871 Acting I

And one of the following courses:

THEA 2880 Scene Design I or
THEA 2881 Lighting Design I or
THEA 2882 Costume Design I or
THEA 2883 Sound Design I

You also must take five (5) additional quarter hours of your choosing.

University Theatre Ensemble (minors):

All minors must participate in Ensemble for at least one year. The Ensemble requirement for minors includes three quarterly contracts, each of which requires 60 shop/build hours (180 total hours), and a quarterly main stage production requirement (acting, managing, designing, crewing, etc.).