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Capstone policies and updates

Capstone Policy Rehearsal Calendar Ground Plan

Capstone Policies 11/11/16        Capstone Sp17 Calendar    JMAC Drawing Archive

Rehearsal Calendar Capstone Policy Ground Plan

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Seating and Fire Code Planning Guide for JMAC

This sheet explains the updated seating rules for JMAC productions. A must-read before you do your scenic designs! 

Overview / Policies for 2017 Spring Capstone Productions

v2-11/11/16- Subject to Change


  • Three cycles of Capstone Productions, all produced in JMAC Studios
  • Number of productions in each cycle determined by length/resource needs
  • Each production may run up to 10 minutes in length
  • Designs should be planned so that changeovers between shows in a cycle take no more than FIVE minutes.
  • Each cycle’s Seniors will choose which (Black, White, or both) venues to use, and seating plans for each venue. Venues and seating plans may vary in each cycle.
  • $300 budget per producing Senior.
  • The Department will pay the first $200 of any royalties/licensing fees. Fees above $200 will be paid out of the $300 show budget. Productions from public domain do not receive an “extra” funds.


  • Producing Seniors are expected to drive the process on enlisting design/artistic teams for their show.
  • Seniors must confirm their design staff with faculty advisors by January 2.
  • Students wishing to count Festival as production requirement must hold a position in TWO cycles.
  • Design positions will be available in each cycle (Lighting, Scenic, Costume, Sound)
  • Crew positions will be available in each cycle (Board Op, SM, Costume, Deck)


  • Auditions will take place Week 10 of the Winter quarter.
  • No precasting. Anyone wishing to act must go through the audition/callback/rep casting process. All actors must embrace the casting they receive. Declining a role is not an option.
  • All actors in a Cycle will act as scene change/deck crew for their cycle. 

Senior Class Requirements

  • Seniors to enroll in Practicum in Spring Quarter.
  • IMPORTANT: during Winter Quarter, there will be weekly meetings (Thursdays, 4:00 – 6pm) that all producing seniors and their design teams are required to attend. DO NOT SCHEDULE CLASSES IN THIS TIME SLOT. 
  • Full attendance and active participation throughout the entire production process will be crucial to your final grade.


  • Each cycle will be rehearsed, built, and performed in three-week slots: 10 days (35 hours) of rehearsal  + 1 day of tech + 2 dress rehearsals + 3 performances

Cycle 1 = Weeks 1,2,3  of Spring Quarter, performs April 12-16

Cycle 2 = Weeks 4,5,6 of Spring Quarter, performs May 3-7

Cycle 3 = Weeks 7, 8, 9 of Spring Quarter, performs May 24 - 28

  • Basic rehearsal format: 7:00 – 10:30pm, Mon –  Fri, + 3.5 hrs on Sat. 
  • No rehearsals, construction, planning on Sundays.
  • No other rehearsal times are allowed.
  • Build Schedule: 2:30 – 6:00pm, Mon, Wed, Fri, with assigned build times for each show.
  • Light Parade for each show Friday before Tech, Tech  on Saturday
  • Dress rehearsals on Monday-Tuesday/Open Weds, close Sun
  • 7 performances:  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday X2, Sunday X2
  • Cycle 1 Strike during Shop hours (no Sunday strike)
  • All-Company Dark Days 4/17 and 05/08: No rehearsals or meetings
  • All-Company Strike 5/31: Company of ALL CYCLES clear JMAC, strike to Newman.