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Drawing Archive


Drawing Archive

DU Theatre Drawing Archive

Welcome to the DU drawing Archive. We are building an archive of theatre-related plans and drawings for student and faculty use.

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Plan names follow a standard convention:

BUILDING, SPACE, PAGE, sheet name.
(A groundplan, B section, C front view, with elevations as numbered sheets)

i.e., JMAC-107-A-composite
means: Johnson McFarlane- Black Box - Groundplan - all layers turned on


JMAC is Johnson-McFarlane Hall (Theatre Wing only)
NCPA is the Newman Center for the Performing Arts


The Theaters are designated by their room numbers- this ensures that you are getting the right drawings, no matter what people call it.

Please note- the titles below are the "official designations" at this time.

JMAC 106 is the Black Box (25-40 seat flexible space)
JMAC 104 is the White Box (25-40 seat flexible space)
NCPA is the Byron Flexible Theatre (100-350-seat flexible theater)
NCPA is the Byron Studio (40-100 seat flexible space). Also know as the "Rehearsal Hall"


Our plans come from all sorts of places: designers, students, architects and the facilities department. Some have been field-measured: somebody actually checked the measurements with a tape measure. Others (especially building and architect's plans are "guidelines"). Even with field-measured drawings, figure an accuracy ±3%. Confirm all critical dimensions, confirm all construction measurements.


Files are provided in three formats (for convenience, if it came in one format, we may have translated to the others). CAD formats are scaled, pdfs are scaled only if labeled with a specific scale.
vwx: Vectorworks 200X (2009-2011) This is an editable CAD format. There is a viewer for vwx at the Nemetscheck web site.
dwg: AutoCAD generic. This is an editable CAD format. It can be opened by Vectorworks, Auto CAD, and other PC CAD programs.
pdf: These files are the preferred format for non-designers. It allows them to view it, but not edit it. These files tend to be sized to fit the sheet, rather than to scale.

vwx and dwg files will not open into your browser; pdf files might.


JMAC Arch Studio Arch Ground Plan

JMAC Plans                           Byron Studio Plans           Byron Flex Plans