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Admission Standards for Transfer Students

We look at more than just your grades.

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To be considered for admission, students transferring to DU from another accredited institution must have a competitive grade point average in all college course work. The admission committee looks for grades that reflect solid work at the college level (generally B grades or better) and coursework that demonstrates serious intentions. In addition, we consider any special situation or circumstances that may have influenced your academic performance in college.

Minimum Guidelines for Transferability of Credit


Each course must be similar to one taught at DU in order for a student to receive transfer credit. The Registrar's site serves as an up-to-date guide regarding subject matter and transferability. The following document can serve as a general guide to help in understanding how credits from Colorado Community Colleges fulfill the Common Curriculum.


A grade of C- (1.7 on a 4-point scale) or better in each course is required to be considered for transfer of credit.

Pass/Fail Courses

These can be considered for transfer if the Pass grade equals a C- (1.7 on a 4-point scale) or better, but they cannot be used to fulfill common undergraduate requirements.

GPA Calculation

Only grades received at DU will be used to calculate your overall grade point average at the University of Denver.


Courses will only transfer into DU from institutions accredited by recognized accrediting agencies.

Physical Education Credit

A maximum of three hours in three separate activities may be transferable.

Semester/Quarter-Hour Conversions

One semester hour is equivalent to 1.5 quarter hours. Academic standing is calculated by quarter hours. 0-44: First-Year 45-89: Sophomore 90-134: Junior 135+: Senior

Transfer Limits
  • You may transfer a maximum of 138-140 quarter hours (92 semester hours) to DU.
  • You may transfer a maximum of 96 quarter hours (64 semester hours) from a two-year institution.
  • The final 45 quarter hours (the senior year) must be completed in residence to receive a degree from DU.
  • An associate's degree does not transfer as a complete whole; we will evaluate each course individually.