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Chester M Alter Arboretum

Mission Statement

Carnegie GreenThe arboretum exists to curate and maintain a recognized collection of woody plants (trees, shrubs and groundcovers) that enhance the campus environment, provide research and educational opportunities and promote sustainability. The mission of the Chester M Alter Arboretum is to provide structure and methods to preserve, manage, and enhance the historic urban forest on the University of Denver's campus. Sound and effective land stewardship practices shall be demonstrated through curation and enhancement of the campus biodiversity.

Planning and Design

Many campus construction projects affect the landscape. The landscape component of all campus improvements shall enhance or contribute to plant collections and the arboretum mission.

Academic Programs

Establish collections of woody plants and landscape systems to support teaching, research and collaboration with other institutions.

Stewardship and Sustainability

Work with all campus stakeholders to promote sustainable practices for long term success of arboretum and landscape investments. This includes a strategy to anticipate altered precipitation and temperatures along the Front Range.

Urban Forest

Provide an educational setting that advances the University of Denver's mission to promote the relationship between people and their environment. The arboretum will provide spaces for memorable and enriching experiences for students, faculty, staff and visitors, and will enhance the overall campus landscape.