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Chester M Alter Arboretum

New Accession Labels in the Arboretum

labelsOne of the most fundamental practices in curating a living collection is attaching labels to the plants. Labels act as an important step in stabilizing the link between the object on the grounds and the records stored in digital files. The Arboretum uses two types of labels —display labels and accession labels. Last year the Arboretum installed display labels for the general public to learn a little more about the plant and were mounted to a stake in the ground in front of the tree. Our smaller accession labels are for more curatorial and research purposes and are attached to the actual plant. While only the 82 trees listed in our Tree Walk Guide have display labels, all 2,239 trees in our collection will have accession labels attached beginning this month.

This exciting new practice moves the Arboretum towards higher standards that are kept by the more exceptional arboreta and gardens in the country. We are proud to continue our growth and hope that the new accession labels will make the collection more accessible to students, researchers, and inquisitive members outside of the community that desire to learn more about our plants.