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Reading Plant Labels in the Arboretum

accession and display label

One of the most fundamental practices in curating a living collection is attaching labels to the plants. Labels act as an important step in stabilizing the link between the object on the grounds and the records stored in digital files. The Arboretum uses two types of labels —display labels and accession labels.

Display labels are for the general public to learn a little more about the plant. Only certain trees of particular interest have aluminum display labels staked into the ground. These labels provide common name, scientific name, family, and place of origin. In addition, Champion Trees ' labels have a QR code. A tree is deemed a Champion Tree by the Colorado Tree Coalition if it is the largest of its species in the state of Colorado.

Accession labels are for more curatorial and research purposes and are attached to the actual plant. All trees in the arboretum have accession labels. These labels provide scientific name, accession number, and grid number.


A Typical Display Label (5.5" x 4")

reading plant labels


A Typical Accession Label (3" x 1")

accession label