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BFA Pre-Art Conservation

This course of study is for students desiring to enter graduate programs to train to become art conservators or to enter an art materials safety profession. It requires intensive work in chemistry, languages, art history and studio art, as well as training in the senior year under the supervision of the chief conservator at the Denver Art Museum. One semester in Florence, Italy during the junior year is highly recommended in order to continue conservation studies under the conservators at Studio Art Centers International.  Students participate in the group BFA exhibition at the conclusion of their studies.

Pre-Art Conservation students, if admitted, will be temporarily classified as BAs in Studio Art, and required to connect with the Pre-Art Conservation adviser, Dr. Annette Stott, as soon as they arrive.
Dr. Stott can answer additional questions 303-871-3278.

Regardless of your intended degree, students may submit a portfolio during the admissions process to be considered for scholarships offered by SAAH, determined by the strength of the work submitted.


Major Course Requirements

16 credits in Art Foundations: 2D Approaches, 3D Approaches, Drawing, and Concepts.
44 credits in Art History: World Art I, II, and III, plus eight Art History electives.
44 in Studio Art: Intermediate Drawing or Life Drawing, Intro to Oil Painting, one 2000 level print making class, Intro to Photo, Sculpture I, Intro to Ceramics, plus five Studio Art.
12 credits in Pre-Conservation Studies: Intro to Conservation, Advanced Problems in Art, and Senior Project in Conservation.
24 credits in Chemistry: General Chemistry, Organic Chem I, Organic Chem II, Organic Chem III, Analysis Equil. Systems, and Chem of Elements (include labs)
24 credits in Language: three classes at the 1000 level and three classes at the 2000 level
Minimum 110 hours of credit total to complete the degree requirements

The BFA Pre-Art-Conservation Major requires 110-135 credit hours in art, 55 of which must be taken at DU or with DU Faculty.  Excess art credit will not count.  Normally, the minimum art requirement is 116, but if some requirements are waived, it can be as low as 110.

Credit earned with less than a “C-” grade cannot be applied toward the major or minor.  The overall GPA in the major must be at least 3.0.

Of the 189 credit hours required for the BFA degree, a minimum of 75 credit hours must be upper division. 

University Requirements

40 credits in lower and upper division requirements.