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Art Minor

We offer a flexible art minor that allows the student to take any combination of Art and Art History. The art minor requires a minimum of 24 hours, including at least one upper-division course. To receive credit toward the minor, a student must receive a C- or above in the course. A minimum of 12 hours must be taken on campus at DU. BA students may combine majors or minors within the School of Art and Art History, but no reduction in total hours will be allowed.

Art History Minor

For the art history minor, World Art I, World Art II, World Art III are required plus three more ARTH courses, at least one of which is at the 3000 level. One upper-division art history course may be replaced with a studio art  course if desired. A total of 24 hours are required.

Minors for Students Majoring within the School of Art and Art History

  • All minors offered at the University are suitable for SAAH majors completing the BA degree. Art majors may be especially well served by a business minor and art history majors may find anthropology, English, history, international studies or languages especially relevant.
  • BA Art majors may minor in art history, but no course may count twice and no reduction in hours is possible.
  • BA Art History majors may minor in art, but no course may count twice and no reduction in hours is possible.
  • BFA students may not minor in art or in art history. The degree itself allows plenty of room to take additional course work in both areas.
  • Students considering a career in art therapy should either double major or minor in psychology.

To declare a minor please fill out this online form.