Bust of Ralph L. Carr

In the hysteria of World War II, when others in authority forgot the noble principles that make the United States unique, Colorado's governor Ralph L. Carr had the wisdom and courage to speak out in behalf of the persecuted Japanese American minority. "They are loyal Americans," he said, "sharing only race with the enemy." He welcomed them to Colorado to take part in the state's war effort and such were the times that this forthright act may have doomed his political career. Seeking refuge from the west coast's hostility, made new homes, and remained to contribute to Colorado's civic, cultural, and economic life. Those who benefited from governor Carr's humanity have built this monument in grateful memory of this unflinching Americanism, as a lasting reminder that the precious democratic ideals he espoused must forever be defended against prejudice and neglect.

August 21, 1976 Direct Edit