Co-operative StoreThe setting up of the Amache Consumers Enterprises, Inc., the local consumer's co-operative, had the most affect upon the evacuees. On January 11, 1943 the drive began for charter membership. Within a few weeks the total capital for the co-operative had reached $25,000 making it one of the largest organizations of its kind in Colorado (Holsinger 1960: 58). On January 25, 1943 the co-operative was incorporated into the National Co-operative Inc, in Chicago, Illinois. The membership contained 2,387 residents from Amache.

Barber ShopThrough the co-operative evacuees were able to buy items which other Americans outside of the camp could obtain during the war. The co-op building included a clothing store, variety store, shoe store, cleaning and press agency, barber and beauty shop, newspaper department, and photography shop. During its first year in operation the co-operative grossed $362,188.58 which equaled more than $30,000 per month (WRA 1944: 20).


Silk Screen Shop


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