Welcome to the University of Denver Museum of Anthropology (DUMA). This online exhibit highlights the Japanese-American Internment during World War II by specifically looking at the internment camp Amache in Colorado.

This exhibit explores the decision to evacuate the Japanese-Americans from the West Coast as well as how the decision was justified by the United States government. The exhibit further explores the everyday life of the evacuees in Camp Amache.

On this web site, you will be provided with important background information in order to understand why the Japanese-Americans were evacuated from the West Coast and how the decision was justified. You will see pictures and records of everyday life at Amache and read information about them. Finally, you can access a list of sources for further reading and follow links to other relevant web sites.

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Although this web site has been arranged in chronological order a table of contents has been provided for you to jump around to the areas which interest you.

All of the photos and records are thumbnails. Click on them and you can see a larger picture. Click on the photo below for an example.
Overview of Amache
Last names that are highlighted are citations. Click on them to go directly to the bibliography. Other words which are highlighted may be clicked on in order to read additional information about them.

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