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Tutor Welcome Session

If you have completed a new volunteer introductory session, please register for a Site Welcome Session at the Bridge site you have been assigned to.

If you have any questions about your Site Welcome Session or are unable to attend a session, please contact Debbie Main at


  • Westwood Bridge Project: 855 S. Irving St. Denver, CO 80219 map
    We are located inside the Westwood Opportunity Center. NO PARKING IN LOT, CARS WILL BE BOOTED!!! Street parking only.
    Phone: (303) 975-0078
  • Quigg Newton Bridge Project: 4558 Navajo St . Denver, CO 80211 map
    Major crossroads are 46th & Pecos. We are on the east side of the street next to the fenced in playground.
    Parking in lot, North side of building or street.
    Phone: (303) 433-0645 
  • Columbine Bridge Project: 2390 W. Cedar Ave. Denver, CO 80223 map
    The major crossroads are Alameda and Zuni which is just east of Federal Blvd. Our building is a converted public housing unit, so please look for the white Bridge Project logo on the awning. Street parking only.
    Phone: (303) 765-4408
  • Lincoln Park Bridge Project: 1265 Mariposa St. Denver, CO 80204
    Located at the intersection of 13th Ave & Mariposa St.; white building on the NE corner of the park. 2 hour parking available on the west side of Mariposa.
    Phone: (303) 446-0139