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GR8 Readers

GOAL: Every child who attends the Bridge Project and participates in the GR8 Readers program will read on or above grade level by the end of 3rd grade.

INCREASED ACCESS – Participants will have access to eight new books of their choosing and three reward books annually.
SKILL BUILDING – Children will increase vocabulary, comprehension and fluency through weekly tutoring sessions supported by Bridge educators, staff, and interns.
MULTI-LEVEL SUPPORT – GR8 Readers will coordinate goals and progress with family members, teachers, and tutors to ensure every child is on schedule to meet his or her literacy goals.
OWNERSHIP / IDENTITY BUILDING – Children will build an identity as readers through building personal libraries and creating a personal culture around reading.

BACKGROUND RESEARCH: GR8 Readers is a program modeled after the research of Richard Allington and Anne McGill-Franzen of the University of Tennessee. The researchers completed a three year study showing significantly higher levels of reading achievement in students who received books for summer reading at home. The researchers claim the lack of summer reading is a major contributor to the reading achievement gap; those who do not have access to summer reading materials miss out on the opportunity to read and that lack of reading adds up significantly (ScienceDaily, 2010).

MODEL: The Bridge Project will utilize a modified version of Allington and McGill-Franzen's model to increase student reading enjoyment, build students' personal libraries, and increase literacy skills. Approximately 140 students (kindergarten through 3rd grade) will enroll in Bridge's tutoring program.

1. All kindergarten through 3rd grade registered participants will be matched with a one-on-one tutor. The student and tutor will meet a minimum of one day per week for a minimum of 45 minutes.
2. The student will choose a title from the GR8 Readers Library and work for four tutor sessions on that book. These sessions will include repeated readings and appropriate follow-up activities.
3. When the student has read the book a minimum of four times (or during four tutoring sessions) and completed four follow-up activities, they will be eligible to take the book home and add it to their personal libraries.
4. The student will then be able to choose a new title from the GR8 Readers Library and repeat the process.
5. Students who complete each quarter of GR8 Readers and attend 75% of Bridge Project programming will receive a prize book at the end of each quarter.