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Read Well

Read Well

Read Well is a beginning reading program designed for K – 3rd grade students in need of remediation. The goal of Read Well is to provide students with the foundational skills critical to reading with understanding. The main focus of the program within the inclusive Read Well framework is small group instruction that is mastery-based, flexible, and guided by individual, ongoing assessments. The end-of-unit assessments allow educators to evaluate the progress and needs of each student and to decide whether immediate, intensive intervention or acceleration is warranted. Whole class instruction supports the skills and content learned in small group instruction.

In a typical Read Well lesson, the educator teaches each small group daily for 45 minutes, with 15 minutes of decoding practice, 15 minutes of story reading, and 15 minutes of skill/comprehension work. Each new unit usually begins with one new letter sound which serves as the stimulus for all activities that follow. The new letter sound is related to a word which is related to the theme students will read about later in the lesson. Next, skills that have been previously introduced and mastered by the students are put into immediate practice through the reading of connected text. Read Well provides a unique story format that includes two types of stories: duet stories and solo stories. The duet stories consist of teacher-read text embedded with fully decodable student text; students read the decodable parts and the teacher reads the other parts. The duet stories provide students with rich content, sophisticated vocabulary, and the chance to actively participate in this higher level reading. The solo stories are fully decodable and are read by the students. Vocabulary and comprehension instruction take place within the context of story reading, using expository and narrative texts.

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