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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

2nd – 5th grade students participate in STEM twice per week. The curriculum is provided by After School Kidz Science and is designed for an after-school setting similar to The Bridge Project. The units focus on three major components of science including Life Science, Physical Science, and Green Science.

Each kit includes instructions and materials for four sessions – each building upon one another, though they can also stand alone to accommodate flexible attendance. The sessions are engaging and easy to lead. They've been created to:
• excite children about science
• build science knowledge and inquiry ability
• help children learn important cooperation and teamwork skills

Middle school students participate in STEM once per week. The curriculum used is AXIS Afterschool Explorations in Science. Each thematic unit is designed to promote a fun, non-formal approach to learning that is consistent with the goals of many after-school programs.

Each unit is designed to take about 10 weeks when used during academic enrichment time. All activities are fun and hands-on. Youth engage in science investigations using colorful activity books for each thematic and each activity is introduced by a group of multicultural characters.