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Burnes Center

Burnes Center on Poverty and Homelessness

Our Services

At the Burnes Center, we are familiar with all of the players and stakeholders involved in helping to address homelessness. Whether you are a community leader or policy maker, a service provider, or local organization, we offer custom designed services to help meet your needs.

Our services include:

  • Analyzing and interpreting data about homelessness
  • Leading and facilitating data-driven dialogue with policymakers and practitioners
  • Identifying and disseminating information about best practices and their implementation
  • Providing technical assistance to build infrastructure and capacity
  • Providing technical assistance for implementing new best practice programs and services in systems where gaps exist
  • Evaluating existing measurement systems and creating new metrics and models for evaluation
  • Supporting local and state governments in formulating and implementing homelessness planning in ways that are measurable and designed for breadth and depth of impact
  • Providing policy-analysis and recommendations to inform national, state and local funding allocations to achieve the highest impact
  • Conducting Intervention Research to contribute to best practices in the field
  • City and town level assessments of homelessness