Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Past event

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Joy Burns Center- Room 231

Planning the success of a company means understanding its financial performance. Period. We all need a basic financial understanding and a fundamental vocabulary to map our work to what matters most in business. This three-day workshop introduces the basics of finance and accounting, so you have the language, tools, and techniques to understand the intricacies of managerial finance and strategy.

This course will help you interpret data from financial reports, including balance sheets, income statements, budgets and divisional performance reports to make better business decisions based upon this information. After attending this course, you will be better able to communicate the financial goals and performances of your department within your organization as well as to outside sources.
Understand key finance terms including assets, liabilities, depreciation and capitalization
Learn the tenets of the accounting process
Analyze financial statements (Income, P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow)
Examine assets and liabilities and learn the basics of financial decision making
Understand the cost of capital and cash flow models to interpret company finances
Effectively communicate how your job contributes to the bottom line
*The online Harvard Manager Mentor Finance Essentials Module will be provided to students prior to the course as prep material.