CAC III: Clinical Supervision II

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The Center for Professional Development is proud to offer Certified Addiction Counseling Trainings at the University of Denver. Join instructors Thea Wessel and Erin Gazelka and take the courses you need to complete your certification.


Certified Addiction Counselor Training - CAC I Training
Clinical Supervision II

(CAC II courses in addition to Clinical Supervision I and Advanced Motivational Interviewing are required to be taken prior to taking Clinical Supervision I)


December 14-15, 2017



**This course is worth 14 contact hours.

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Clinical supervision II is designed to reinforce the motivational interviewing skills of the supervisor through the use of the MIA:STEP process. MIA:STEP (Motivational Interviewing
Assessment: Supervisory Tools for Enhancing Proficiency) will be utilized as a format of supervision. Specialized techniques, coaching, coding, teaching, and use of video or audio taping in supervision will be discussed. Videotaping of practice sessions may be utilized.

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