Business Building Blocks Series: Grant Writing with Judy Dettmer

Past event

Grant Writing for Non-Grant Writers: Break it Down to Fund Your Goals

Saturday, November 11, 2017

9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

This course is offered 6.0 contact hours

University of Denver Campus
Morgridge College of Education
Room 409
1999 E. Evans Ave.
Denver, CO 80208

$179 Professionals
$169 DU affiliates (Faculty, Staff and Alumni)
Lunch Included

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Nonprofit leaders are constantly seeking ways to fund their core mission. They also often need outside resources to help them innovate new solutions to the problems they address. Lucky for them, there are hundreds of foundations and other organizations that have money to give away! But getting those organizations to hand over that money usually requires grant writing, which can be an intimidating process and, when done incorrectly, can lead to the dreaded rejection. Learn how to do it right in this four-hour workshop with Judy Dettmer, Executive Director of the Colorado Brain Injury Program. Judy has written dozens of successful grants and has also served on the other side as a funder.

First, Judy helps you to hone your goals. You can't find the right funder until you clearly understand and can articulate your goals. Next, learn strategies to find the funders who will care about your mission and goals. Judy shares the many online resources for both private and government funders. Finally, it's time to write the grant proposal! Learn how to walk through a funder's RFP to better understand the information they need. Judy discusses why it is important to stick to the facts and not overwhelm readers with flowery language (though readability is very important). She offers tips such as assuming people have no idea what your organization does, even if you think everyone knows who you are. Learn why it's critical to stick to the requirements, such as page limits, margins and software versions. If you don't, your proposal may hit the trash before anyone reads a word! Examine ways to share your budget, which is an area that Judy says many people fail to articulate correctly.

Judy brings sample grants, matched up with the funding requirements they sought, and explains why the requests were funded or not. She also will gladly serve as an ongoing resource to students and will help to connect you to mentors in the community.

Students in this course are encouraged to email their organization's real-life funding needs to Judy so that she can use them as case studies throughout this workshop.

BONUS: Judy will also serve as an ongoing resource to you and will help connect you to mentors in the community.


At the end of the workshops, attendees will be able to:

  • Hone their organization's goals
  • Find funders interested in their goals
  • Write effective grant proposals

Learn more about Judy Dettmer

Judy Dettmer has been working in the field of brain injury for over 25 years. Ms. Dettmer is currently the Director for the Brain Injury Program at the Colorado Department of Human Services. In this position she oversees all activities related to both the Colorado Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund Program as well as a federal grant funded through Health and Human Services, Administration for Community Living. Ms. Dettmer has worked extensively with adults, children and family members of individuals with brain injury. She has provided direct and systems consultation to improve the lives of individuals with brain injury. Judy has also assisted with research efforts related to brain injury and has conducted countless presentations, classes and seminars on brain injury both in the state of Colorado and nationally. Ms. Dettmer is currently the President of the National Association of State Head Injury Administrator’s Board of Directors and she facilitates the National Collaborative on Children’s Brain Injury.