Digital Marketing Update

Past event

Margery Reed Hall, Room 201, Boardroom

“Today’s customers are connected 24/7!” We’ve had that beaten into our heads as marketers for the past five years. The biggest problem with that statement is that it’s true! And we’re never going back to a 9-5 existence. Gone are the days of eating lunch out of the office. Sleeping in on weekends. Taking all your vacation days! But, what does 24/7 really mean? We all struggle with this question. What does it mean for customer service? What does it mean for store hours? What does it mean for your mobile experience? What does it mean for you customer engagement? We will work to answer these questions during this three-day course. We’ll utilize data, consumer behavior, social media, mobile strategy, cognitive neuroscience and emerging technology to help answer these questions and set you on the right path based on your business model.

- Increase revenue through search engine optimization/marketing, social media and mobile marketing
- Develop practical applications to incorporate data analytics (or Big Data) and Artificial Intelligence into your business
- Create digital strategies to tap into the emerging online communities to build brand awareness and reputation
- One-to-one marketing has arrived – incorporate digital marketing to determine user driven best practices