Denver Leadership Experience

Past event

Personal Leadership Reinvented
The Denver Leadership Experience (DLX) is a 5-day, transformational workshop designed to challenge you to think and perform differently in order to reach your leadership potential. Developed by faculty from the highly-ranked Daniels College of Business, the program delivers timely, relevant and innovative leadership development essentials for our ever-changing, increasingly complex business world.

Developed from our experience with thousands of executives, this 5-day workshop focuses on developing leaders through the lens of the Daniels Leadership Model.
Using this model, the program is designed for leaders looking to:
Develop self-awareness and articulate one’s values and vision
Use collaboration and teamwork to develop a high performing organization
Discover the leader’s role in attracting and retaining top talent
Learn behaviors to manage your energy for better focus and engagement
Create a culture that fosters innovation and change to solve business challenges
Build a plan to achieve organizational goals through your personal leadership

Joy Burns Center, Room 211