Vidalina Morales - The Campesina David who Slew the Mining Goliath

Past event

Craig Hall, Room 120, Community Room

Vidalina Morales is a member of the board of directors of the Economic and Social Development Association El Salvador (ADES) and a representative of the National Roundtable Against Metallic Mining in El Salvador (La Mesa), a coalition of civil society organizations that have opposed the introduction of industrial scale metal mining in El Salvador.

Vidalina Morales is a small scale farmer and mother of five children who has worked with ADES for over 10 years. She has been organizing opposition to mining in the department of Cabañas since 2006, when she realized that her community would be directly impacted by the implementation of the El Dorado mining project by Canadian based Pacific Rim Mining Co.

She is recognized internationally as one of the leading voices of the environmental defense movement in El Salvador and has travelled extensively through South and North America speaking about El Salvador’s fight against mining. In 2009 she gave the acceptance speech for the Mesa’s Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Award in Washing DC, recently she participated in a Canada wide tour to speak about the impacts Canadian mining corporations are having in her community.

For a land- and water-scarce country still dependent on agriculture, limiting mining was essential to preserve the environment, prevent dislocation, and avoid the resource curse. Earlier this year, Vidalina Morales and the National Roundtable against Metallic Mining won historic legislation to make El Salvador the first and only country in the world to completely ban metals mining. Hear about the decade long struggle that won in the most unlikely of places.

Sponsors for this speaker event include: GSSW, Rocky Mountain Collective on Race, Place and Law, and the JKSIS Latin America Center, Denver Justice and Peace Committee.