"Whose Art? Ethical Museum Collection Stewardship" panel discussion

Past event

Whose Art? Ethical Museum Collection Stewardship

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 • 7:00-9:00 pm • Registration details coming soon!

In celebration of the newly established Center for Art Collection Ethics (ACE) at the University of Denver, the Enrichment Program is proud to present the following panel discussion in collaboration with the Center and DU’s Holocaust Awareness Institute.

Nearly every week, a news headline announces the latest lawsuit over a valuable work of art. An heir of a Holocaust victim sues a museum over a painting stolen by the Nazis. An antiquities-rich country sues a dealer or gallery over objects plundered by profit-seekers. Indigenous peoples claim sacred objects looted by amateur archeologists and donated to art museums. Often, the objects have been sold multiple times before reaching the current owner, complicating legal and ethical dimensions of the disputes.

Join us for a one-night panel discussion regarding the legal and ethical dimensions of cultural property disputes, and the importance of provenance (ownership) research in determining rightful ownership. Panelists include:

Christina Kreps, Director of the Museum of Anthropology

Dan Jacobs, Curator of University Art Collections

Kate Chimenti, provenance researcher with ARIS Title Insurance Corporation and DU alumna

Elizabeth Campbell, Associate Professor of History and Director of the new Center.