Center for Multicultural Excellence BW-LEAD Summit

Past event

Daniels College of Business, Room 110, Classroom

The purpose of BW-LEAD is to provide high school Black women students with an opportunity to participate in a program that promotes leadership, academic achievement, and community involvement while developing their Black woman identity. Black women who are committed to em powering other Black women to be change agents in their schools, communities and families will lead engaging and interactive workshops. During the BW- LEAD conference, the young women will learn how sharing their stories and t heir lived experiences provide insight into their identity as a Black woman , and what it takes to become a leader in their personal life, school, and community, while inspiring them to focus on high academic achievement. Also , during the conference there will be occasions to share their thoughts and engage in discussions that relate to their experiences as a Black woman while learning from their peers, college students and community leaders. In addition, BW-LEAD will support students in discovering how they can prepare for educational success in high school, while sharing the value of how they can engage in college preparation activities that create pathways to higher education.

EXPECTED CORPORATE PARTNERS: Google, DU Graduate School of Psychology