Building a Data Driven Organization

Past event

Joy Burns Center, Room 229
2044 E. Evans Ave


This course focuses on the fundamentals of data analysis and its application to business. Big Data is powerful and plentiful. But first you need to be able to understand and analyze the large volume and variety of data that is coming into your business on a daily basis. Then you need to be able to apply that data optimization to the decision making process in order to put it into practical use.

In this workshop, you will learn hands on skills to leverage the power of data analytics into creating more value for your company.

With the right toolset and understanding, you can embrace this dramatic business culture shift, and maximizing relevance and valuable insight for your organization. In this three-day course, you will:
- Learn data management and data mining methodologies
- Understand modeling tools and best practices—statistical, regression, optimization and simulation
- Acquire the fundamentals of good data structures
- Become proactive in understanding and maximizing your business data
- Discover hidden relationships in structured and unstructured data
- Collect, shape and model the data with data visualization