Emerging Leaders Program

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Accelerate Your Leadership Journey
Transitioning from an individual contributor to a manager role is undoubtedly one of the most exciting (and intimidating) career steps to make. The Daniels College of Business offers newer managers an opportunity to face this career change in a dynamic, engaging and safe environment. With the support of a robust leadership curriculum, experienced faculty and a cohort of managers who are at similar points in their careers, Daniels can help you develop into a successful and fulfilled leader.

ELP is a five-week program focused on the following learning outcomes:
- Articulating and understanding the role of a manager/leader in an organization
- Understanding fundamental management and leadership theories
- Increasing self-awareness and individual’s impact as a manager
- Increasing ability to reframe and refocus under challenging situations
- Developing and demonstrating effective team member and team leadership skills
- Demonstrating effective ways to coach for performance
- Expanding communication skills around influence, conflict and listening
- Development of personal philosophy of leadership
- Assessment of leadership potential