Interconnected: Emotional Support Animals

Past event

Presented by Philip Tedeschi, IHAC Executive Director and Clinical Professor at the University of Denver's Graduate School of Social Work.

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There is currently a lot of media and confusion regarding Emotional Support Animals (ESAs), despite their potential for improving the lives of persons with mental health conditions. Unfortunately, some individuals falsely claim their companion animal is an ESA, which only undermines ESA policies aimed at providing essential and life-changing support for persons struggling with their mental health. In this Interconnected webinar, IHAC Executive Director Philip Tedeschi, who supervises the ESA program at the University of Denver, will go over the science of the human-animal bond as it relates to ESAs, best practices for ESA programming, clinical considerations for conducting an ESA evaluation with a client, and tips for offering emotional support animal prescriptions and generating ESA letters as documentation.