Nancy Mithlo Lecture: Indigenous Arts and Curation

Past event

LOCATION: Sturm 286

The Manner in Which Knowledge Grows: Indigenous Arts and Curation in Practice Lecture by Nancy Mithlo Two generations past what we now think of as a "return to the museum" in anthropology and the birth of the contemporary American Indian art movement, the academy still struggles with representations of "Nativeness" in theory and practice. Developments such as the ease of internet communication, the establishment of culturally specific museums and the proliferation of global platforms have shaped anew the process of cultural translations, making prior disciplinary standards appear clumsy and outmoded.

How can theorists and practitioners conceptualize the current scope of exhibitions, collections, studio work, curriculum and the market? The author suggests that a careful accounting of history - especially eras in which there are confluences of funding, progressive endeavors and training - can focus the unwieldy and fast-moving developments of the past three decades.