Turabian Style Help Session

Past event

Anderson Academic Commons, Room 284, Chan Classroom

Thursday, May 17, 5-6:30pm

AAC 284

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Please bring a paper you are working on.

At this open session, you can seek help with many of your persistent Turabian questions. We'll use a combination of peer-to-peer feedback, presentation of strategies, and question answering, with the goal that you'll leave with a few more answers and also a few more skills to find answers in the future. We will be documenting all questions that are raised during this session so that we can build better Turabian resources for the future. If you come to the session, we hope you will also agree to let us follow up with you later on to see how effective our evolving resources are. We are offering two sessions: Friday, May 12, 2-3:30pm and Thursday, May 17, 5-6:30pm.