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Campus Safety

Crime Prevention

Bicycle Regulations


Surveys of bicycle racks are conducted periodically at all residence halls and major academic buildings on campus. Bicycles are examined for compliance with University Bicycle Policy.

Bicycle Lock Policy

The only style of bicycle lock approved by the University of Denver is a U-Lock.

  • Bicycles must be secured in a manner in which the bicycle frame and front wheel (if possible) is secured to a bicycle rack.
  • Bicycles may only be secured to a bicycle rack; no other location(s) are authorized.

Bicycles that are observed to be unsecured shall be either booted with a Campus Safety U-Lock (when possible) or confiscated and impounded.

Improperly Secured Bicycles

All bicycles parked on campus must utilize an approved bicycle rack and U-Lock.

  • Bicycles MAY NOT be secured to signs, lamp posts, hand rails, emergency phone stations, ADA access ways, landscaping etc.
  • Bicycles secured to emergency phone stanchions and ADA access points are subject to immediate removal, impoundment and citation issuance.
  • Bicycles secured to lamp posts, signs, landscaping etc. are subject to booting and/or citation.
  • Bicycle owners (rider) may be held responsible for any damage caused to University property when bicycles are secured to inappropriate objects.

Abandoned Bicycles


Bicycles are considered abandoned when they meet any of the following criteria:

  • Severely rusted chain
  • Flat or empty tire
  • Missing major parts (wheel, handlebar, pedals, chain)
  • Organic growth (vines/grass)
  • "Extreme" damage (severely bent rim or frame)
  • Build up of debris, trash around tires
  • Significant amount of dirt accumulated on bicycle

Bicycle Registration

The University of Denver asks those who bring a bicycle to campus to register their bike with Parking and Mobility Services. The registration is free and is used to help alert bicycle owners to potential problems with their bicycle or to return a lost/stolen bike to its rightful owner. To register your bike you need to know the manufacturer, model, and serial number (see below) of your bicycle. Most serial numbers are located on the bottom of the bike frame, look in the area of the cylindrical portion of the frame where the pedals are attached.

You'll receive a DU registration sticker to be placed on your bike.