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Campus Safety

FM Global

Red Tag Permit

Index: 72522.95/04
University of Denver
Denver, CO
Phone: 303-871-2334
Fax: 303-871-4234
Building Name & Address
Precautions Taken (check as appropriate)

Emergency Organization Notified: YES
Hazardous Operations Stopped: YES
Hot Work Prohibited: YES
Smoking Restricted: YES
Valve/System Tagged: YES
Continuous Work Authorized: YES
Fire Watch/Continuous Patrols Assigned
Hydrant Connected to Sprinkler Riser: NA
Pipe Plugs on Hand: NA
Fire Hose Laid Out: NA
During extended impairments, is the relocation of combustibles feasible? NO


System (check as appropriate)
Fire Pump
Inergen: NA
FM 200: NA
Halon: NA
Sprinkler Valve Location/Number
Area Protected
Reason for Impairment
Planned Date/Time to be Impaired
Planned Date/Time to be Restored
Actual Date/Time Restored
Number of Turns to Close
Number of Turns to Open
2" Drain Test Performed?


Authorized By, company/person requesting permit
Authorized By Email, officer completing permit
NOTE: This will only be emailed to FM Global. A fire safety officer will need a red tag permit system copy to monitor this impairment.