Alerts & Advisories

DU’s Department of Campus Safety provides timely warnings (called “Campus Safety Crime Alerts”) to the University community when a situation occurs within the University’s Clery Geography and represents a serious or continuing threat. The Campus Safety Crime Alert will be issued through the University’s email system to students, faculty and staff. The information will also be posted on the Campus Safety website and social media sites. Decisions to disseminate a warning/alert will be decided on a case-by-case basis in light of all the facts surrounding the crime and the continuing danger to the campus community.

The purpose of the warning is to aid in the prevention of similar crimes by alerting the community about the incident and providing information on the actions people can take to diminish their chances of being victimized. In addition, it will include information about the crime that triggered the warning, including the nature of crime, any suspect information and location of the incident. Crimes that are reported within six months of occurrence will be reviewed for Campus Safety Crime Alerts.

Community Advisories

8/15/22 Criminal Activity

Date of Issue:                  Monday, August 15, 2022

Alert Number:                 22-09

Nature:                             Criminal Activity

Date of Incident:             Multiple Dates

Location of Incident:      2000 Block S. University Blvd.


There has been an increase of violent criminal activity in the vicinity of South University Boulevard and East Asbury Avenue during the late evening/early morning hours.  We are asking that our community be mindful of their personal safety and security during these hours and while transiting the area. 

These issues are related to illegal discharge of firearms, which has resulted in one gun shot injury.  The injury was serious, but not life threatening, and they were not affiliated with the university. 

DPD is currently investigating the incidents and providing additional patrols in the area. 

If you have any information about this incident, please contact the Division of Campus Safety at 303-871-2334.

    Safety & Security Tips

    These safety and security tips are strategies for reducing risk and victimization is never the fault of the victim/survivor. Be aware of your surroundings. If you see anyone suspicious, avoid them by entering a public place such as a business.

    1. Do not use your phone or any other electronics when walking. These devices distract you and make you an easy target for criminals.
    2. Avoid displaying large amounts of cash, or wearing/displaying valuable jewelry or electronics. These items are enticing to criminals who assume that you have more valuables in your possession.
    3. Try to walk in well-lit areas as much as possible.
    4. Walk on the sidewalk whenever possible. Walk close to the curb, avoiding doorways, bushes and other potential hiding places.







    Please report any suspicious activity related to these crimes to Denver Police Department.

    Denver Police Department Emergency 911
    Denver Police Department Non-Emergency (720) 913-2000
    Campus Safety Emergency (303) 871-3000
    Campus Safety (Non-Emergency) Call to report a crime, request a walking escort or schedule a crime prevention presentation (303) 871-2334 (1-2334)
    Campus Safety Anonymous Tip Line Anonymously report tips regarding crime on campus (303) 871-3130 (1-3130)
    Center for Advocacy, Prevention and Empowerment (CAPE) Provides confidential daytime advocacy and support for victims of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking and sexual harassment (303) 871-3853 (1-3853)
    Health & Counseling Center’s Afterhours Counselor on Call Confidential, after-hours crisis services for urgent mental health and gender violence concerns (303) 871-2205 (1-2205)

    For crime prevention tips, course offerings and safety information, follow Campus Safety on social media.

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    These advisories promote safety on the University of Denver campus and comply, in part, with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Police and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1990. The University uses its best efforts to provide information that is both accurate and helpful, following accepted law enforcement practice in describing incidents, suspects and witness accounts.