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Careers for Art and Art History Majors

What is an art and art history?

The University of Denver's program in art and art history focuses on the study of the various creative means of expressing human thoughts, interests, attitudes, emotions and ideas. It involves fine and commercial art, art conservation, studio art and art history. Within the School of Art & Art History, there are four majors:

  1. Art History
  2. Conservation
  3. Art
  4. Studio Art

Common careers for art & art history majors:

With a deep understanding of expression utilizing creative mediums, art & art history students go on to work in higher education, business, art organizations and primary and secondary education industries. Many find interest in starting their own businesses.

job titles held by art & art history alumni:

  • antique dealer
  • architect
  • archivist
  • arranger
  • art appraiser
  • art consultant
  • art history instructor
  • art journalism
  • art school director
  • art therapist
  • audio-visual specialist
  • cartographer
  • cartoonist
  • conservator
  • copywriter
  • critic
  • curator
  • custom framer
  • director of cinematography
  • display designer
  • exhibit designer
  • film editor
  • film producer
  • florist
  • freelance artist
  • gallery director
  • industrial designer
  • interior decorator
  • jeweler
  • manager
  • photographer
  • painter
  • painting/photo restorer
  • photojournalist
  • public relations specialist
  • script writer
  • sculptor
  • set and stage design
  • sound engineer
  • technical illustrator
  • videographer

Professional skills of art & art history students

In addition to the careers listed above, art and art history majors are well-suited to fields that require the following skills:

  • ability to communicate ideas/emotions creatively
  • aptitude for spatial relationships
  • ability to concentrate for long periods of time
  • good finger and manual dexterity
  • ability to make critical observations/decisions Imagination/creativity
  • ability to meet deadlines
  • proficiency for accurate details

Is the School of art & art history right for you?

Still unsure if you should select one of the four art & art history majors? schedule a session with a career counselor, attend our "Choosing a Major" workshop, and attend career events where you can network with employers that hire art & art history students as well as alumni from the School of Art & Art History. You could also schedule a session with the department chair, where you can explore other possible career paths.