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Careers for History Majors

Why study history?

History is the cornerstone of a university education, because it frames our understanding of both the past and the future. The DU history major builds reading, research, writing, and speaking skills. Above all, we stress the ability to reason and think critically to prepare students to pursue almost any kind of occupation.

Common career fields for history majors

With their writing, research and analytical skills, history majors work across a variety of fields and industries including non-profit and foundation work, publishing, writing and editing, public relations, journalism, and government work (including legislatures and agencies).

Many history majors pursue advanced degrees in law, medicine, education, diplomacy, public policy, sociology, economics, and other disciplines (including history!).

Specific job titles held by history majors include:

  • journalist
  • banker
  • physician
  • lawyer or paralegal
  • public relations and marketing professional
  • program analyst
  • public policy researcher
  • museum and public history professional
  • reporter
  • chief of staff
  • legislator and legislative assistant
  • grant writer
  • teacher in private and public school districts, as well as Teach for America

Professional Skills of history majors

  • appreciation of diverse populations
  • ability to collect and organize historical data
  • ability to conduct and explain scientific research
  • ability to observe people and relationships
  • ability to make observations and solve problems
  • proficiency in reading comprehension/writing

Interested in teaching? Consider the Dual-Degree Program in teacher education, which combines a history major with a master's degree in curriculum and instruction, all in just five years.

Is a history major right for you?

Still unsure if you should major in history? Schedule a session with a career counselor, attend our "Choosing a Major" workshop, and attend career events where you can network with employers that hire history majors and alumni who majored in history. Also, schedule a session with the department chair, where you can explore other possible career paths.