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Careers for Languages & Literatures Majors

What is a languages & literatures major?

The University of Denver's program in languages & literatures focuses on the study of language, literature and culture in our community at large by means of a state-of-the-art computer facility, internships at Denver-area businesses, and study abroad programs around the globe.

Common careers for languages & literatures majors

With a deep understanding of a second language, many languages & literatures majors go on to work in the education, government, private, and nonprofit industries. Many professions in the United States and around the world interact daily with people that speak many different languages. A second language will open up new career fields, and it will help you stand out in a competitive global economy.

Common job titles held by these languages & literatures majors include:

  • attorney
  • consultant
  • customs agent
  • development officer
  • editor
  • educator
  • executive or administrative staffer
  • foreign service officer
  • foundation manager
  • human resources director
  • import/export specialist
  • international development officer
  • international journalist
  • interpreter or translator
  • law enforcement officer
  • librarian
  • marketing director
  • musician
  • nonprofit director
  • nurse
  • officer in government service
  • physician
  • policy analyst
  • public administrator
  • public relations manager
  • publisher
  • social worker
  • teacher or professor
  • tour organizer or guide
  • travel agent

Professional skills of languages & literatures majors:

In addition to the careers listed above, languages & literatures majors are well-suited to fields that require the following skills:

  • ability to observe and evaluate
  • strong communication skills
  • appreciation of diversity of thought and experience
  • in-depth understanding of another culture, history and ideas

Is a languages & literatures major right for you?

Still unsure if you should major in languages & literatures? Schedule a session with a career counselor, attend our "Choosing a Major" workshop, and attend career events where you can network with employers that hire languages & literatures majors and alumni who majored in languages & literatures. Also, schedule a session with the department chair, where you can explore other possible career paths.