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Careers for Theatre Majors

What is a theatre major?

The University of Denver's theatre program focuses on student writing, directing, stage management and design. Theatre majors study acting, elements of stagecraft, directing and theater history.

Common careers for theatre majors:

With a deep understanding of theater production and performance, many theatre majors go on to work in the media, advertising, and education industries.

Common job titles held by these theatre majors include:

  • acting coach
  • costumer
  • media planner
  • script coach
  • actor
  • critic
  • media salesperson
  • script manager
  • actress
  • customer service manager
  • mediator
  • special events coordinator
  • admission director
  • fund-raiser
  • stage manager
  • advertising specialist
  • director
  • stand-in
  • agent
  • drama coach
  • movie theater manager
  • student affairs specialist
  • equipment operator
  • narrator
  • stunt coordinator
  • facilities manager
  • negotiator/mediator
  • stunt-person
  • announcer
  • foreign correspondent
  • paralegal
  • talent manager
  • art director
  • health educator
  • playwright
  • talent scout
  • booking manager
  • producer
  • teacher
  • broadcast journalist
  • impersonator
  • program assistant
  • theater manager
  • business manager
  • instructor, theater arts
  • prop manager
  • ticket sales coordinator
  • buyer
  • labor relations specialist
  • public affairs officer
  • casting director
  • lighting designer
  • public relations specialist
  • tourism director
  • communication technology specialist
  • lighting operator
  • training and development specialist
  • community affairs officer
  • lobbyist

Professional skills of theatre majors:

In addition to the careers listed above, theatre majors are well-suited to fields that require the following skills:

  • ability to creatively solve problems
  • strong sense of motivation and commitment
  • willingness to work cooperatively and demonstration of teamwork
  • strong time management skills
  • initiative and promptness with deadlines
  • adaptability and flexibility
  • Is a theatre major right for you?

Still unsure if you should major in theatre? Schedule a session with a career counselor, attend our "Choosing a Major" workshop, and attend career events where you can network with employers that hire theatre majors and alumni who majored in theatre. Also, schedule a session with the department chair, where you can explore other possible career paths.