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Careers for Management Majors

What is a management major?

The University of Denver's program in management focuses on the effective management of people, which is the fundamental and most important resource in business.

The opportunities available are infinite; every organization needs competent, levelheaded leaders. The best way to find such opportunities is to match interests and capabilities, learn from experience and make the knowledge of management work for you.

Common careers for management majors

With a deep understanding of making important decisions, developing resources, solving problems, setting policies, taking risks and motivating associates, many management majors go on to work in areas of human resource management, organizational behavior, ethics, labor relations, international management or problem identification and diagnosis. Many may find interest in starting their own business.

Common job titles held by these management majors include:

  • personnel specialist
  • compensation administrator
  • quality control coordinator
  • account executive
  • management analyst
  • equal opportunity representative
  • credit analyst
  • operations manager
  • merchandiser
  • loan officer
  • personnel manager
  • job analyst
  • management consultant
  • customer service manager
  • hotel manager
  • industrial relations
  • director
  • small business owner
  • branch manager
  • purchaser/procurement
  • researcher
  • human resources administrator
  • equal opportunity representative
  • entrepreneur
  • financial analyst
  • management trainee
  • manufacturing supervisor
  • employment interviewers
  • commodities/stock broker
  • public relations manager
  • urban planner

Professional skills of management majors

In addition to the careers listed above, management majors are well-suited to fields that require the following skills:

  • ability to implement analytical skills
  • ability to make decisions and negotiate/problem solve
  • aptitude for leadership/supervision and motivating
  • ability to communicate well with others, both written and oral
  • aptitude for team work and team building
  • ability in recruiting, interviewing and training
  • ability to delegate, plan, prioritize and establish goals
  • proficiency in organizing, planning, coordinating and directing activities

Is a management major right for you?

Still unsure if you should major in management? Schedule a session with a career counselor, attend our "Choosing a Major" workshop, and attend career events where you can network with employers that hire management majors and alumni who majored in management.