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Career at DU


Ways to Recruit

Getting Started with our team

Leverage our unique Global Networks model for the full range of your hiring needs! Our Employer Connections team here at the University of Denver is one of only a few institutions in the nation that is fully integrated with our Alumni Engagement team. This gives you the advantage of working with our team to not only fill your internships and new-grad hiring needs but also to connect with our widespread DU alumni network of experienced professionals for your more senior level roles.

Work with our Employer Connections team to create a customized recruiting strategy with innovative ways to connect with top DU students and alumni. Contact our team today!

Core recruitment programs

Meet our amazing DU talent through choosing the right fit for your needs.

Career and Internship fairs

DU career and internship fairs draw in hundreds of DU students each quarter and are one of the best ways to capture a wide audience in a short amount of time. As some of the largest events on campus, career and internship fairs are also the perfect way to build your recruitment brand on campus in a way that few others do. Branded sponsorship's are also available for an increased amount of visibility both before and during the event.

Information sessions

Information sessions are a perfect way to highlight your company, its culture, and the opportunities that you are offering our talent. These smaller, more intimate, events allow a rich way for you to get to know our students and alumni and are a great way to assess whether their fit and experience level are right for your opportunities. At DU, information sessions take a wide variety of forms. Whether it is a classic presentation style event, coffee chat, lunch-and-learn or network style, our team works with you to create something that will be specific to your company.

Specialized events

From case-interview training events to hack-a-thons and taco-truck tabling, our special events are a fun and interactive way to assess a larger number of students while highlighting your company, the opportunities available and even the type of real-world work that the candidates should prepare themselves for within your company. Our team can work with you to brainstorm the best type of event for assessing the talent you are seeking while emphasizing what is great about your organization.

City treks

Let us bring the students to you! In recent years, organizations of all sizes have been looking for ways to engage students in their spaces. This helps to show potential candidates what it is like to actually work at a particular company, as well as highlight the company's unique culture. We coordinate with our student population and your team to create an experience in your building that really demonstrates the "who you are" as an organization. City treks can take the form of guided tours, lunch presentations or even a coordinated meet and greet with DU alumni who currently work at your organization. Whatever creative way there is to experience your company, this is one of the best ways for your future talent to interact with you on your turf!

On-campus interview schedules

With the rigors of both student and recruiter schedules, our On-Campus Interview program offers a way to let our staff handle the planning while allowing your company to meet the students where they are. We help you coordinate rooms on campus that make it simple for your recruiters to manage a larger number of first round interviews with less logistics on their plate.

Other opportunities to engage

There are many other options we offer as well:

  • Offer to speak on a panel or offer a guest speaker from your company to represent you in a class.
  • Become a guest at our "Connecting DU" series which brings together students, alumni, employers, and other community members to discuss and share your expertise on a topic that impacts us all. 
  • Participate or sponsor our annual Etiquette dinner which focuses on empowering our first generation and historically underrepresented student populations. 
  • Help our students solve a real-life problem facing your organization and sponsor a Ritchie School of Engineering Senior Design Project.
  • Alumni recruiters can network with students and fellow Pioneers on Pioneer Connect .


"Working with DU Career Services has been an incredible experience. I always feel welcome. The professionalism of the staff and our interactions make my work with DU enjoyable."  —Kristy Martin, recruitment manager for Teach for America