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Career at DU


Why Recruit @DU

Why University of denver

Why recruit students and alumni from the University of Denver?

DU is a network of global citizens, committed to entrepreneurship, pursuit of knowledge, and finding the best option in a sea of choices, even when all the others may seem easier.

Creating change, boosted by community

With cutting edge research happening on campus, in classes, and as part of their pursuit for a degree, our students are able changemakers in society.

They know best practices in their fields, and come connected to 5,000+ professionals through Pioneer Connect. When you hire with us, you're getting the benefit of our entire network behind your pursuits.

71% of our student body completes a study abroad program, ranking us 4th in the nation for an international student body.

Making waves

Our students and alumni have:

  • Served as the first Latina Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives.
  • Acted as CFO at Home Depot.
  • Gained the record for fastest female motorcyclist in the world.
  • Won Olympic medals.
  • Served as manager of Google's hiring processes.

And it's only getting better.

Diversity Employment

While all of our students here at DU are unique, we understand diversity is important. Our team is here to help organize and support connections between students and employers. Although we cannot pick specific students to apply for opportunities, workshops and events are a great way to attract the audience you wish to work with. Contact our team at [email protected] to get started recruiting DU students.

INTERNational employment

Looking to work with unique students from around the globe? Many International students are eligible for unpaid internships and may participate in volunteer work depending on their Visa type. Our team is here to help you navigate the legal ins and outs of hiring international students. Visit our international student work eligibility page for more details.


We make the choice to recruit here easy: simply email [email protected] to start the conversation.

You can also learn more about our outcomes.