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DU Career Services

Career Services

Faculty & Staff

Help your students succeed in their careers with workshops, panels, speakers and resources designed to support and enhance your classes.

Don't Cancel Class!

Invite a Career Service staff member to give an interactive presentation to your students to help them prepare for their careers.

Workshops, panels and speakers

Take advantage of the 1,800+ professionals available to speak, participate in panels, or run workshops about their careers and industries. With our Pioneer Career Network, you can reach out to relevant industry professionals, and ask them to participate in or outside the classroom to enhance your curriculum.

Log in to the network and get started.

Prepare your students

Get your students ready for their next steps—whether they're choosing a career or searching for a job or internship. Career services and tools are designed to help them:

If you have any questions or need help scheduling a speaker or panelist through the Pioneer Career Network, please contact us.