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Job & Internship Search Tips

Find a job or internship through DU Career Services using these secrets to a successful job search.

Create a game plan.
List the strategies and resources you want to use, and make a plan for how much time you'll spend on your job search every week. (Hint: Using multiple strategies and resources increases your odds.)

Evaluate your interests, values, skills and personality.
Come up with a 1-minute commercial to communicate them quickly and clearly with your potential employer. And make a plan to enhance your skills.

Prepare your job-search tools.
Have a well-written resume and cover letter full of industry key words.

Practice making your first impression.  Interview Stream
Take advantage of our mock interviews to practice answering common interview questions. Fine-tune your 1-minute commercial. And don't forget to practice, practice, practice!

Target industries and organizations that interest you.
Identify five to 25 companies you want to research and approach (PDF), even if they don't have any active job listings. Consider this: Eighty percent of the jobs available today haven't been publicized yet, and only 20 percent of job seekers are going after them.

Apply for listed jobs.
Focus your attention on your target companies, but don't forget to apply for jobs listed in your industry or field.

Follow up, follow up, follow up.
After you send your resume, follow up with a phone call. Ask if the hiring manager has received your resume and if you can schedule an interview. Be persistent, enthusiastic and assertive.

Stay organized.
Keep a calendar of job-search activities and a file of all your contacts. Make sure to note the last time you spoke with each and to whom they've referred you.

Take care of your references.
When it comes to the job search—as in life—people matter more than paper. Devote twice as much time to your references as to your resume. Call them before you need them. Ask permission to use them as references. Stay in touch and let them know when they'll be contacted. And make sure to tell them when you get a job!

Make a Plan B.
If you don't get your dream job right away, don't worry! Take a position that will help you develop transferable skills, work in a similar industry, or consider volunteer, temporary or part-time work that could help you get your foot in the door.


Download our detailed instructions on how to access Pioneer Careers (PDF) and:

  • Search our Pioneer Career jobs database.
  • Search for even more local, national and international internships through our university internship consortium, UCAN.
  • Browse our resources; we've gathered dozens of local, national, and international job and internship websites.
  • Take advantage of Pioneer Connect (formerly Alumnifire) and connect with alumni who are top professionals in your field.
  • Add your resume to the Pioneer Careers database. Post your resume for DU-approved employers to view and contact you.