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Federal Job Hunting

The U.S. government is, by far, the largest employer in the United States—and Colorado has the second largest number of federal employees in the nation, right after Washington, D.C.

If you're interested in breaking into this huge job market, we have some tips and tricks.

Needed skills and expertise

According to extensive, recent research, the government's demand over the next several years will be greatest for the following professionals:

  • security, enforcement and compliance
  • medical and public health
  • engineering and sciences
  • program management and administrative
  • accounting, budget and business

Landing a government job: USAJOBS database

What used to be a complicated process has been simplified with the USAJOBS database—the official website of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

In addition to listings for federal jobs all over the country, the website provides:

  • FAQ for your job search
  • internship listings
  • a resume database that lets you create and store your resume for hiring managers to search and browse when they need new talent
  • links to the various agencies
  • predictions for future job growth within the government
  • automatic alerts when new, relevant jobs and internships are posted

To get started, just log onto their website and start browsing jobs or creating your online resume today.

Landing a government job: networking & events

Even with an exhaustive resource like USAJOBS at your fingertips, networking is still one of the best job search tools. To network for government positions, make sure to:

  • Attend DU career fairs; federal agencies often come here to recruit.
  • Consider interning or volunteering with a federal agency to get your foot in the door.
  • Mine your personal, academic and professional contacts, and the DU alumni network for job opportunities and contacts in the government.

Be prepared, professional and persistent

Federal job opportunities can be highly competitive, so make sure you prepare well in advance; always dress, act and speak professionally—and be persistent in your search!