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Pioneer Enterprise Program

The 2013 Pilot Program

To support the University's vision, values, and mission, AHSS and Career Services at the University of Denver (DU) is implementing a unique collaboration among undergraduate students from all majors by creating opportunities for DU students to work as consultants in multidisciplinary programs that will foster innovation, creativity and engagement with local, national and global communities.

The end result is to foster a dynamic and transformational learning experience and increased job-readiness by bringing together a group of diverse learning backgrounds to allow students to apply the theories and skills they learned in the classroom by completing real-world consulting projects for a variety of organizations.

DU students will work as teams of consultants in this pilot program to solve the non-mission critical issues and problems facing for-profit and nonprofit organizations. The teams will follow a project management methodology to keep focused and on track. The student teams will also develop research, presentation, creativity, critical thinking, time management and team building skills.

A faculty member will oversee each project team as resource and facilitator. A project sponsor from the profit or nonprofit organization will commit to working with the student team for a term. The course will qualify for ASEM credit, or in some cases for internship credit. Rising Juniors or Seniors are given priority, others will be considered based on experience and skills needed for successful completion of the project.

Students will apply to a project by providing a resume, cover letter, and letter of recommendation. Students will be selected based on skill sets and desire to learn in a self-directed, team orientated environment. They will learn to step out of the student mode and into the role of a real-world junior consultant.

The pilot includes two projects at this time: a (summer 2013) marketing project for the Village of Salemi, Sicily and (fall 2012) a social networking and media project for ReWork, a support organization for staffing non-profits in Denver.

SUMMER 2013: Salemi, Sicily Project (team has been selected as of 4/12/13).

This project will assemble a student team to create an effective strategic marketing plan targeted toward encouraging U.S. tourists to visit the culturally rich city of Salemi, Sicily. The goal is to provide DU students with an engaged interdisciplinary international experience. DU will offer specific expertise in global marketing that will draw primarily from undergraduate students from majors such as marketing, social sciences, museum studies, communications, film-making, and photography . The team will be brought together in order to apply the theories and skills they have learned in the classroom and foster critical thinking by developing and executing a real-world business and organizational tourist plan.

FALL 2013: RE/WORK, Boulder Project (application details will be available June1, 2013)


Consulting Project: Community Engagement Strategy
Over the past year, we've had 7,000 folks apply in to our talent pool and we've accepted about 750. In the past 6 months, we've helped about 75 of these folks find great jobs. So, what do we do the 600-odd other folks in our pool? We are eager to find ways to engage them in interesting work & to connect them to one another. We want to build a strong community of like-minded individuals. Right now, we are creating this out of thin air, but we know there is major potential. The DU student consulting team will work to find solutions.

  1. Develop a strong online community. To do this, we need:
    • A comprehensive social media strategy
    • A platform (existing or original) to connect people with similar interests to one another
    • Learning opportunities (webinars, MOOCs, etc.)
    • A platform to share job opportunities
  2. Cultivate strong regional groups for active cities (Denver, NYC, SF, Boston, DC, etc.). To do this we need to:
    • Develop an event plan for each city
    • Figure out how to activate city coordinators
    • Understand the regional needs of each city
    • Understand our own capacity to support (financially & physically) these regional events

Instructor: TBA

For more information on the Pioneer Enterprise Program contact Executive Director of Career Services, Sue Hinkin.