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Career Resources for LGBTIQ Students

As a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, ally or questioning person entering the workforce, you may have some questions and concerns about how to approach various aspects of your job search.

Frequent questions include:

  • Should I come "out" on the job?
  • Should I put LGBT activities on my resume?
  • How do I know if a company is LGBT friendly?
  • What recourse do I have if I experience anti-LGBT bias?
  • What are things I should and should not say in an interview?

Many of these questions do not have clear-cut answers. Each individual needs to assess his/her situation and comfort level regarding how open to be about personal sexual orientation.

The more you plan, think about and practice your answers to these concerns and questions, the more confident, comfortable and successful you will be in your job search.

The University Career Center has compiled some links to help you research companies and explore some of these questions while preparing for your job search. Campus-wide, DU Career Services counselors also welcome and encourage discussion around career-planning concerns specific to you and your job search in individual career counseling sessions.

Another resource to help you in your career search/exploration is DU's Queer Faculty Association and Queer University Employees. These resources on campus provide an opportunity for students to speak with adult LGBTIQA mentors about their careers.


Out for Work—This national nonprofit isdedicated to educating, preparing, and empowering LGBT college students and their allies for the workplace. They also hold conferences for students.

Human Rights Campaign—This is a source of information on workplace and corporate attitudes and policies surrounding sexual orientation. It includes links to information about employee groups, organizations and companies offering domestic partnership benefits, and legal and discrimination policies.

The Human Rights Campaign is also the publisher of the Corporate Equality Index (PDF). This index "provides a simple way to evaluate whether America's biggest employers are treating their gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees and consumers equitably."

HRC also publishes an annual State of the Workplace for LGBT Americans report, which includes up-to-date information about jurisdictions that prohibit employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

ProGayJobs.Com—This is the first eRecruitment site dedicated to gays and lesbians to get jobs in gay-friendly companies. The website provides job postings from companies that promote diversity, and provide safe and open environments for gay and lesbian workers.

LGBTQ Resource Guide information on an array of areas for LGBTQI students.

Out Professionals—This is a gay and lesbian professional networking site.

Transgender at Work (TAW)—This project is a focal point for addressing workplace issues for the transgendered. TAW provides resources for innovative employers who want to set their company employment policies to help their transgendered employees to be at their most productive, without spending energy hiding an important part of themselves and pretending to be something they are not.

National Consortium of Directors of LGBT Resources in Higher Education—includes job listings for college and university positions

Pride at Work—AFL-CIO group that seeks to integrate LGBT concerns into the larger labor movement

National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals

Federal Globe—LGBT organization that represents the interests of federal employees