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Blogs as a Career-Building Tool

Starting a blog is one way to stand out from the crowd—whether you're seeking your first job or a new one.

In fact, this year CNN listed "strong online presence" as one of its top 10 reasons employers want to hire you. And research shows that more than 75 percent of employers actively research candidates online.

To take advantage of this trend, we recommend starting a blog about your research, education and progress in your field. Why? Because a blog can:

  • Demonstrate your enthusiasm for your field/career.
  • Expose your knowledge and understanding.
  • Showcase your personality and build your personal brand.
  • Boost your rankings in search engines to help employers within your field find you.
  • Display your competency not only in your field, but in communications and technology—two skill sets employers value.

Getting started

Before you launch your blog, you'll need to make a few important decisions:

  • What will you write about and how often?
  • Who will you write for?
  • What blog software or platform will you use?
  • How will you promote your blog?
  • Do you have enough time to devote to this project?
  • Are there others in your field doing similar projects (and can you learn from their successes or challenges)?

Use the resources below to get started. And if you need some additional insight, schedule a free appointment with a career counselor.

Blogging resources